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Claims and complaints

In the case of a defective or wrong item, the customer has the right to return it. The customer has to first fill out the Electronic Claim Form. We will contact him/her (at the email address specified on the form) to let him know if his/her Claim has been accepted. If the application is accepted, we will send a courier to the address specified in order to take back the item(s). The customer will receive a new item or the same item with a defect eliminated, within 15 business days of items' receipt with shipping costs in both directions being at the expense of ROSSNA.

Fill in the Electronic Claim Form

If the product for which you fill out this form has a manufacturer's warranty, please add it in the shipment together with the product when shipped by courier.

Preparing to Return a Claimed Item.

  • Ensure that the warranty certificate (if any) issued by the manufacturer is in the box.
  • Make sure you include all accessories that accompany the product (if any).the


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